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Facebook Tricks:Facebook Cool Trick To Confuse Your Friends See How

Written by Sourabh
Hello There In This days Everybody Knows About Facebook.We Found A funny Easy And Cool Trick To Confuse Your Friends.

How To Use This Trick

Put this URL on Facebook Status or Comment.

this is actually link to ones Facebook Profile so whenever someone will click on this link, he/she will get redirected to own’s Facebook profile.

I used this trick this way:

“This person is most weird friend of my Facebook Profile. God! Please Protect Me from him –>>”

Or (Note: Just Paste This Line On Status Or in Comment

and Post Instant)

Please Help Me Guys Bahot Preshan Krdia Hai Yr Isne Dekh To Kon Hai Y->>”

It’s the best way to confuse a friend.


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