Whatsapp Tricks 2018 -Top Whatsapp Tricks & Hacks You Should Know

whatsapp tricks 2018
whatsapp tricks 2018

WhatsApp Tricks 2018 – Hello friends, WhatsApp is most powerful instant messaging application. You are maybe using it on your Smartphone from past few years. There are several other messaging application available but WhatsApp is best.

WhatsApp has over a billion of users in worldwide. It has most exciting features like Status, Voice & Video Call, Share Video & Images and much more. In case if you are living in under the rocks, Here are some details about WhatsApp.

According to Wikipedia WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform instant messaging service. The application uses your phone’s internet connection to let you message and call friends & family.

Today you will learn latest WhatsApp tricks and hacks. You might have known some hacks about WhatsApp, But i am sure you will learn some new secret tricks. Get ready for this secret tip & hacks you might not know.

Top 10 Latest Whatsapp Tricks In 2018
Top 10 Latest Whatsapp Tricks In 2018

Top 10 Latest WhatsApp Tricks 2018

  1. Hide Blue Ticks.
  2. You can delete sent messages.
  3. Hide profile picture.
  4. Chat shortcut.
  5. Bookmark important messages.
  6. Write words in Bold,Italic Or Strikethrough.
  7. Schedule Your Message.
  8. WhatsApp magic image trick.
  9. Use multiple WhatsApp account on same phone.
  10. Back Up your messages or conversations to Google drive.

1.Hide Blue Ticks

WhatsApp’s new feature Blue Ticks is one really cool feature of it. But in some case it can get you in some trouble. Especially when you are in middle of something and unable to reply instantly. Your close one’s sees you have read their messages but didn’t reply. Hey wait ! but you can turn them easily, Just follow this cool steps.

  • Open your whatsApp.
  • Go to settings > Privacy
  • Then untick Read Receipts.

Note – If you turn off read receipts, you won’t be able to see read receipts fro other people.

2.You can delete your sent messages (WhatsApp Tricks)

Most recent update of WhatsApp is now you can delete your sent messages. If you have sent wrong messages accidentally while chatting just tap and hold on your sent message. You will see Delete icon, just click on that and your message will be deleted. You will be able to delete messages up to seven minutes after you sent them.

This feature available only on latest version of WhatsApp application.

3.Hide Profile Picture AKA DP

You can hide your profile picture by doing this easy steps. Just go to your WhatsApp settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Picture. You can customize here who can see your profile picture.

Sometimes we don’t want to show our profile picture to everyone. Just follow this above steps to customize settings and allow specific person to see your DP.

4.Create Chat Shortcut To Specific Conversations

Everyone has some special person to chat or talk with them. We can add or create a shortcut to our homescreen for specific chat or group conversations. To do this just follow this simple steps.

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Tap and hold on any chat.
  • Now click on menu and you will see add chat shortcut option.
  • Just click on it and your chat shortcut will be created.
  • Bingo ! it will be easy to access those chats you need all the time.

5.Bookmark Important Messages (Whatsapp Tricks)

WhatsApp has rolled out with new feature to save your important messages. Just tap and hold on your message and press the star button. That’s it your message will be starred and saved. You can easily access them in starred messages option.

While chatting sometime we need to save important message or date. So just use this new Starred Message feature and save your messages.

6.Write words in Bold, Italic and or in Strikethrough

Sometimes we need to emphasize on some words, So we write them in Bold. You can write your words in Bold or Italic. Just add an asterisk either side of the words or phrase to write in bold. [Example – *Bold*]

For Italic just add an underscore either side of the words or phrase. [Example  _Italic_]

Add tildes either side of word for strikethrough. [~strikethrough~]

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Here is some simple hacks to write word in Bold or Italic. You should try it now.

7.Schedule your messages

If you want to schedule your text messages to ensure you never forget to send one again. You can not schedule your text messaging using official WhatsApp application. But you can do this from GB WhatsApp Mod apk version. Just download it and go to scheduler messages and type receipts number, your msg and time.

Now you don’t need to stay awake in midnight to wish someone birthday.Just schedule your Message, and your message will be delivered to her/him while you are sleeping.

8.WhatsApp Magic Image Trick

WhatsApp is one cool instant messaging application. We have been using it for past few years. There are number of WhatsApp tricks and hack but my favorite is Magic image trick AKA Preview Changer application.

Check out here full post – Whatsapp Magic Image Trick Prank Your Friends With This Image Trick

9.Use Multiple WhatsApp Account On Same Phone

Everyone has now dual sim smartphone this day.If you wish to use WhatsApp account on your both sim card but don’t know why, Here is cool step to do this.

  • First of all download Parallel Space Application.
  • Open add WhatsApp.
  • Now verify your other mobile number.
  • Bingo ! You are ready to use both account in same phone.

10.Back Up Your Conversations To Google Drive

Now back up all your Chats, Images and Videos to your Google drive. Just open your WhatsApp settings > Chat and Calls > Chat Backup. Here you can back up all your whatsapp stuff in your Google drive. If you change or lose your phone, Your chats are safe in google drive.

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So guys here are some cool whatsapp tricks and hacks.

~Final word~

WhatsApp is most powerful instant messaging application. You can Chat, make voice and video calls on it. It is very useful in many ways. But somewhere or the other you might not know about some features & tricks of whatsapp. This are above some cool hacks you might like. If you don’t know about them just try it now.

Thank You ! for reading this article, Please let me know if i missed any trick or steps. If you have any quires please let us know in comment section regarding WhatsApp Tricks 2018.


Whatsapp Tricks 2018 -Top Whatsapp Tricks & Hacks You Should Know
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