(Must try)(Proofs added)Apptrials offer to get upto Rs 10 free payumoney points or Rs 10 recharge.


Hey friends! Hope you are enjoying our tricks and offers.Today we found another wonderful “free recharge app” called Apptrials. Probably You might be knowing about it.But now Apptrials has become one of the most reliable apps.It is tested by us and we have received payments from it immediately many times.Therefore you should definitely try it out now,Now Apptrials also  gives payumoney points which you can use on any payumoney certified merchant.
So just follow below steps to get your free recharge or payumoney points


1. Download Apptrials App Click Here.

2.Open app and verify your phone number by OTP(One Time Password).
3.When asked for referral code enter AT76826

4.Now, You will be seeing various offers under the offerwall.
In order to get instant credits you should try downloading amazon

 (90% chances for getting reward for amazon app immediately even if you have downloaded it earlier).

5.You can also try Buyhatke offer by just enabling the notifications in google chrome.
If you already have enabled buyhatke chrome extension then just clear data and do it again .Similar to buyhatke extension,
there is also cashup  notification offer.

6.If You are new to apptrials,then just complete your profile details offer and verify email to get extra credits.

7.Now if you perform above offers then you will have credits as follows:-

  • Enabling buyhatke chrome extension-Rs 4
  • Enabling cashup notifications in chrome-Rs 2(varies)
  • Downloading amazon app-Rs 10(if you keep amazon app for 7 days then you get extra 6 rs)
  • Completing profile and verifying email address -Rs 2  

    8.So now you having a total of 18 Rs.Minimum redeem amount is Rs 10.So if you want you can redeem Rs15 into Payumoney as recharge or just collect 2 more to redeem Rs 20 directly.

    9.To redeem just click”Transfer to payumoney” or “Mobile recharge“.
    10.Hurray!You will get your payumoney points or recharge instatntly but sometimes(rarely) it takes time.
    10.You can also earn by referring your friends.Each time your friends download app trials app and enters your referral code and downloads one app then you get 10 Rs.



    So what are you waiting for ?Just download app trials app and earn free money daily.
    Have any problems?Just comment below and we will solve them all.
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    (Must try)(Proofs added)Apptrials offer to get upto Rs 10 free payumoney points or Rs 10 recharge.
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