Whatsapp Magic Image Trick Prank Your Friends With This Image Trick

whatsapp magic image changer trick

Hello Friends, I Am Here To Share With You A Cool Android Trick. Whatsapp magic image change trick send magic image to your friend’s mobile this image show as 2 type image before download it’s look different but after download it will be change. you may have received this type magic picture. it’s very easy to send you only need to install android application (.apk) in your android mobile. magiapp/Preview Changer application is most popular app for creating magic image. Just Follow Below Cool Steps To Learn About This Trick.

How To Create This Type Of Whatsapp Magic Image?

1.At Firstly Download MagiApp Or Preview Changer App. [Try Preview Changer]

2.Open this app there is a two box for select two picture/image.


3.First box image will show in chat area before download and second image will show after download.

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4.Select two pictures after that press Do Magic button after pressing do magic button whatsapp will be open now select the person name whom you want to send this magic pic.

That’s It Enjoy,

Final Word – Hope You Like This Whatsapp Tips And Tricks. I Have Personally Tested This Whatsapp Magic Image Trick With Both Application. I Suggest You To Try Preview Changer Application, As Its Easy To Use. So Guys Now Its Your Turn To Use This Trick With Your Friends. If You Have Any Question Feel Free To Share With Us Regarding Whatsapp Magic Image Trick.


Whatsapp Magic Image Trick Prank Your Friends With This Image Trick
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